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VoIP's not a government agency. It's not even a proprietary technology; you can take a break from your land line and still have your choice among several services before deciding if it's right for you.
Skype is a popular VoIP service that allows free calling from computer to computer or low-fee computer to phone connection. There are even Skype hardware devices that allow you to use a "real" phone to call other "real" phones.
Gizmo5 (the service formerly known as Gizmo Project) similarly offers the ability to call other Gizmo5 users for free. It also lets you IM from your mobile phone without the usual text-messaging fees and allows for file transfers.
Vonage gives me the ability to send voice mail in e-mail, which is extremely convenient. It charges a flat fee for unlimited calling.
Then there's this magicJack device that everybody seems to be raving about. Allegedly, magicJack is easy to use -- plug it into an open USB port on your computer, then plug your phone into that. You get charged one low fee per year.
Despite its bold innovations and seemingly countless applications (from everyday conversation to medical examination to gaming), VoIP technology isn't a perfect system in all situations. With an infrastructure less tried-and-true than that employed by traditional phone companies, the occasional snag is inevitable.
Emergency protocols (i.e., 911) can't currently be easily traced or utilized through VoIP.

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