IP Office Mailbox Control. If You have questions please call (866)206-2316 or email MasterTelephone@gmail.com www.TelephoneMen.com Default Mailbox Controls You can use the following IP Office dialing short codes to control your mailbox. These are default system features which can be changed or altered by your system administrator. For users with Avaya telephones that include programmable buttons, your system administrator can also assign these functions to the buttons. · *18: Turn Voicemail On Causes calls to go to voicemail when you are busy or do not answer. If the extension to which you forward your calls does not answer calls will also go to voicemail. · *19: Turn Voicemail Off Switches the above feature off. · *48: Voicemail Ringback On If ringback is on, when you have new messages, the voicemail system will ring you following the completion of any call. · *49: Voicemail Ringback Off Switches the above feature off. For AVAYA, NORSTAR, NEC, SAMSUNG, MITEL, PANASONIC, TOSHIBA telephone systems and voicemail call (866)206-2316 or email MasterTelephone@gmail.com