Call Wait (Camp-on) ● After receiving station busy tone, dial* . ● Camp-on tone is heard in the called station. ● When called party answers, talk or hang up to transfer another call to the called party. Last Number Redial ● Lift handset, press OHD/Speaker or dial from active keypad. ● Dial 5 5 2 or press speed button + dial ‘*’ + Hold/Save button. Storing Station Speed Dial Numbers ● Press the [TRANS/PGM] and [SPEED] Button. ● Dial speed bin number. Range (XXX-ZZZ) ● Dial speed dial number you wish to store. (iPECS-MG : Dial number with CO Access code) ● Press the [HOLD/SAVE] button. ● Enter the name associated to the number. ● Press the [HOLD/SAVE] button. ● You will hear confirmation tone. Using Station Speed Dial Numbers ● Press the [SPEED] button ● Dial the desired speed dial bin number. Group Call Pick-up When hearing an unattended phone ringing in your area, ● Lift handset. ● Dial 5 5 6. ● You will be connected automatically to the caller. ※ Note: you must be in the same pick-up group.