Call Soft Key Options When making, answering and during a call, a >> double-arrow soft key appears on the display, it indicates that there are additional options that you can access. The options will vary according to the type of call and system features available to you. · Account Enter an account code to associate with the call. · Answer Answer a page call, turning it into a normal call. · AutCB Set an automatic callback on the user that you have called but who has not answered. When they next end a call, the telephone system will call you and when answered, will automatically make a call to the user. · Complete Complete the transfer of a held call. A Cancel option is also shown which will end the transfer attempt. · Dir Access the directory in order to select a number by name. · Drop End the call. · Ignore Quiet the ringer for the current alerting call. The call will continue alerting until either answered or it goes to voicemail. · Pickup Answer the call that is held or alerting another user. · ToVM Send an alerting call to your voicemail.