A telecommunications service provider or TSP is a type of communications service provider that has traditionally provided telephone and similar services. This category includes incumbent local exchange carriers, competitive local exchange carriers, and mobile wireless communication companies. While some people use the terms "telecom service provider" and "communications service provider" interchangeably, the term TSP generally excludes Internet service providers (ISPs), cable companies, satellite TV, and managed service providers. TSPs provide access to telephone and related communications services. In the past, most TSPs were government owned and operated in most countries, due to the nature of capital expenditure involved in it. But today there are many private players in most regions of the world, and even most of the government owned companies have been privatized. The deregulation or privatization of telecom service providers first happened in the United States with the breakup of the Bell System. telecommunications service provider telecom service providers telecommunication service provider telephone service providers phone service providers telecommunication service providers home phone service providers telecom service provider telecommunications services telecommunication services service providers phone service provider voip service provider landline phone service providers voip service providers internet service providers wireless service providers global telecom internet service provider service provider telephone service provider telecommunications service providers home telephone service providers local telephone service providers service provider it long distance phone service providers managed service provider internet phone service providers business telecommunications services telecommunication services provider telecommunications managed services phone services providers telecom services provider business phone service providers communications service providers telecommunications managed services provider long distance telephone service providers telecommunications business telephone services providers phone service home phone service business telecommunication services best phone service provider wifi service providers phone companies internet and phone service providers business telephone service providers telephone service managed service providers telecommunications service internet phone service telecommunications jobs home internet service providers telephone network service provider phone services telephone companies home phone phone company internet services providers local phone service telecom jobs telecommunication telecommunication service long distance phone service cheap phone service business internet service providers wireless internet service provider best internet service provider telecommunications companies internet companies network service providers telecommunication systems internet wireless internet providers landline phone service telecom voip service cavalier telephone residential phone service phone providers internet phone telephone services high speed internet providers home telephone service communication service providers home phone services telecommunications industry telco landline telephone company best phone plans telecom service providers in usa telecom companies cheapest phone service phone and internet service providers telecommunication companies wireless internet land phone service providers internet services