Feature Access Codes NEC ELITE
SECTION 1 GENERAL INFORMATION The table in this chapter shows the Access Codes used in the system. Some codes are set as system defaults. Others have no default, but are programmable.
Table notes include the following:
¥ Installation
Access Codes operate on telephones specified during installation.
¥ All other notes are self explanatory
Function Operation Notes Microphone ON/OFF T© Dial A System Name Confirmation T© Dial C Verify Station Number T© Dial D Confirm Timed Alarm T© Dial EA © T Reset Timed Alarm System T© Dial EH © T Installation Reset Timed Alarm T© Dial EI © T Set Do Not Disturb T© Dial FK © T Set Call Forward - All Calls T© Dial FK © Dial XXX © T XXX = Station number where call is to be forwarded.
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