System Start Up SL1100
1.1 Before Starting Up the System
Before starting up the system, make sure:
• KSU(s) are installed correctly.
• All extensions are cabled correctly.
• All earth ground and PSTN Trunks are cabled correctly.
• All PCBs are configured, equipped, and secured correctly.
• AC power cord is cabled correctly.
• At least one display type MultilineTelephone is connected to the system. (for Programming)
• Pull out the Lithium battery protection sheet, before starting up the system.
Lithium battery protection sheet
Figure 3-1 Lithium Battery Protection Sheet
• If Expansion KSU(s) are installed, turn the power on/off in the order of Expansion 2 KSU, Expansion 1 KSU and then Main KSU.
1.2 Starting Up the System
There are two methods for startup (COLD Start and HOT Start).
Table 3-1 Start Up Method
Start Up Method Description Purpose
COLD Start The factory setting data is loaded. • First time start up
• System Initialization
HOT Start The customer setting data is loaded. • System Reboot
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