Agent Automatic Wrap-Up

Agent Automatic Wrap-Up Description
When an Agent completes an ACD group call, the Agent automatically enters into the Wrap-up state. In this state, an Agent will not receive ACD calls, allowing the Agent to complete paperwork, etc. The Agent remains in this automatic Wrap-Up state for the duration of the ACD group’ Wrap-Up Timer. After the Wrap-Up Timer or by using ‘Wrap-Up-End’ feature, the Agent returns to available status and can receive ACD group calls.
Agent iPECS Phone
To assign a {WRAP-UP-END} button; [PGM] + {FLEX} + ‘585’ + [SAVE]
Automatic when Agent completes an ACD group call
1. Automatically after Wrap-Up Timer. Or,
1. Dial ‘585’ the Wrap-Up-End code. Or,
1. Press {WRAP-UP-END} flexible button, before expiration of the Wrap-Up Timer.