SIP Phone

A SIP Phone will accept a call when it receives call on idle state.
On busy state, it is different according to ‘Call Wait’ supported or not.
Receives 1st call on Idle State
1) Accept the call and respond with Ringing Pickup Handset to answer the call
Receives 2nd call on Busy State
1) If do not support Call Wait or disabled Reject the call by ‘486’ busy
2) If support Call Wait and enabled
Accept the call and respond with Ringing The call is waited on the SIP Phone
SIP Phone will serve self indication for the second call.
Handsfree Automatic Answer
1) By SIP Phone : self programmable option, always
2) By System : in case of receiving call by Voice Over, Intrusion, Forced Handsfree, Paging
- LG-Ericsson SIP Phone only supported