Group Call Pickup

Group Call Pickup
Group Call Pickup allows an extension user to answer a call ringing another extension in a Pickup Group. This permits co-workers in the same work area to easily answer each other’s calls. The user can dial a code or press a programmed Group Call Pickup key to intercept the ringing call. If several extensions within the group are ringing at the same time, Group Call Pickup intercepts the call based on the extension priority in the Pickup Group.
With Group Call Pickup, a user can intercept the following calls:
• A call ringing the user’s own pickup group
• A call ringing another pickup group when the user knows the group number
• A call ringing another pickup group when the user does not know the group number
There are 32 Call Pickup Groups available.
• A Call Pickup Group cannot have an associated name.
• Group Call Pickup can be used to answer calls recalling from Hold or Park.
• Group Call Pickup cannot be used to answer calls ringing Call Arrival Keys or Virtual Extensions.
• Virtual Extensions can use Group Call Pickup to answer calls ringing a Multiline Terminal or Single Line Terminal.
• Users can pickup calls regardless of their access map programming.
• Directed Call Pickup provides another way of answering a co-worker’s call.
• Function keys simplify Group Call Pickup operation.