A station can be logically linked to a primary station so that the two stations function as a single station. When linked, the two stations effectively act as a single station with the station attributes of the primary station. The status of one station is reflected in the status of the other and features activated at one are active at the other. All internal or external calls to a linked pair station will ring both stations.
All features available to the primary station are available and controllable by the secondary station, one station may activate Call Forward and the other may cancel the forward. The displays of the linked stations will display the status of the linked pair. When one is busy, the display of the linked station will be as shown below.
Operation System Operation of Linked pairs is automatic when defined
1. Any combination of iPECS Phones and SLTs may be assigned as Linked pairs. However, a DSS Console may not be assigned as a linked pair station.
2. Intercom calls to the Linked stations always signal in the Tone ring mode and cannot be changed using the Caller Controlled ICM Signaling feature.
3. Linked pair stations are treated as having a single station number for all features including LCD displays, station programming, ADMIN access, ACD statistics, SMDR, etc.
4. The station attributes of the Secondary station will follow attributes of the Primary station, i.e. Day/Night COS, CO Warning Tone, CO Auto Hold, CO Call Drop, DID Call Waiting, Speed Access, Alarm, VSF Access, DND, FWD, Paging, CO Line Access, CO Ring Assign, etc.
5. If one station of a Linked pair is busy, the other station of the linked pair is also considered as busy, thus use of the linked station to place a call is not supported.
6. A station can be linked to another station without registration to the system. This allows a station to be linked without affecting the overall capacity of the system. In this case, only an iPECS phone, Phontage or SLT attached to an SLTM2 can be used as the unregistered linked station. In other cases, the linked station must be registered with the system, reducing the system capacity by one.
7. Linked pair stations cannot connect with each other between Master and Slave but ring for indication.
8. Linked pair cannot transfer a call with each other. But if Master(or slave) transfer to Slave(or Master) and on hook, you can recall and hold the call in slave(or Master).