Stations in the system can be assigned as an Executive/Secretary pair. By activating DND, the Executive also activates Unconditional Call Forward to the Secretary, which will forward Executive calls to the Secretary. In addition, Intercom and/or CO calls to the Executive can be assigned to forward to the Secretary regardless of the Executive’s station status by assigning ICM Call to Secretary and CO Call to Secretary options. Also in the above case,, if the Secretary is in DND, Executive calls sent to the Secretary route back to the Executive if the “Call Exec If Sec in DND” option is enabled.
Each Executive can be assigned a “Grade” (01, highest ~12, lowest). Executives with the same or higher grade can call lower grade Executives overriding the ICM Call to Secretary assignment.
To activate Executive/Secretary Forward from the Executive's DKT,
1. Press the [DND/FOR] button.
 An Executive may have multiple Secretaries and a Secretary may have multiple
Executives. Each forms a separate Executive/Secretary pair.
 If the Secretary is busy when a call is received for the Executive, the caller will receive
busy tone.
 The Secretary may override the DND (refer to Ref. A) status of the Executive to Camp-On
(refer to Ref. B) and transfer calls to the Executive.
 A chain can be constructed by assigning the Secretary of one pair as an Executive of
another. Although a chain may be constructed, a loop back is not allowed.
 If an Executive has multiple Secretaries, calls will automatically route to the Executive’s
first idle Secretary.
 The Executive may use Call Forward (refer to Ref. D) to send calls to stations other than
the Secretary.
 When both Executive and Secretary are busy, camp-on, transfers and messages are sent
to the last Secretary Station in the chain.