SA-25 paging control

The most versatile paging system ever!
Manufacturers usually refer to their product as a „system‰ just so they can lock you into buying all of their accessory components. Not VIKING! We designed the SA-25 paging control unit to install as a new unit, a direct retrofit replacement for your existing 4-wire legacy system, or to expand your present system. To replace your existing amp, just connect all the 4-wire speakers directly to the terminals on the SA-25. To expand, just add the SA-X12 and VIKING’S 2-wire SA- 1S self-powered speakers (or SA-1H self powered speakers horns).
The SA-25 provides paging, loud ringing, and background music when connected to electronic 1A2 key systems, PBXÊs, No-KSU phones, multi-line phones, as well as IP phone systems with an analog FXS of FXO port.

Connect the SA-25 to a paging port, an unused telephone line input (trunk port), a ringing C.O. line, Centrex line, analog PABX/KSU station port, or the IP FXS or FXO port.
For loud ringing, connect the SA-25 to a ringing analog line or a dry contact closure. Select an electronic warble or one of the three soft chime tones built into the control unit. Then connect an external „night transfer‰ switch to control loud ringing in night bell applications.
The SA-25 powers up to 25 self-amplified SA-1S ceiling speakers or SA-1H self-amplified horns. The SA-IR remote control allows users to set the volume on a speaker-by-speaker basis. If you need more speakers, simply use the SA- X12 to add up to 12 VIKING self amplified speakers at a time.