Three-Cabinet ADIX APS System
A three-cabinet system consists of an IX-CML common module and two IX-EXPML1 expansion modules. The IX-EXPML1 Expansion Module is used to add the second, third and fifth shelves to the ADIX APS. Use the IX-EXPML2 Expansion Module only when adding the fourth shelf.
The IX-EXPML1 expansion module provides the ADIX APS with six additional universal card slots. The first universal card slot provides 24 circuits on one highway. The second card slot provides 8 circuits on the same highway as the first card slot. The remaining 4 card slots each provide 16 circuits on two highways. An IX-PWSL power supply is required for each IX-EXPML1 installed.
Note 1: It is strongly recommended that the battery backup be connected to each shelf of a multi-shelved ADIX APS System.
Note 2: The setting of the CPUSW switch position 4 of on the IX-CPUP/HW card must be set to ON, when a IX-CPU20/ MEM-L is installed on the IX-CPUP/HW card.