Scrolling Directories Directory Dialing Secondary Incoming Extension Secondary Incoming Extension Seized Trunk Name/Number Display Name Storing Simplified Call Distribution Department Calling Single Line Telephone Access Single Line Telephones, Analog 500/2500 Sets SLT Adapter SLT Adapter SLT Timed Alarm Alarm Softkeys Softkeys Speed Dial – Station Speed Dial – System/Group/Station Speed Dial – System Speed Dial – System/Group/Station Speed Dial Stored Characters Speed Dial – System/Group/Station Station Add-On Console Station Add-On Console Station Camp-On Call Waiting / Camp On Station Hunt Station Hunt Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) Station Message Detail Recording Station Name Assignment User Programable Station Name Assignment User Programmable Station Outgoing Lockout Code Restriction, Dial Block Station Relocation Station Relocation Station Transfer Transfer Step Call Department Step Calling Store and Repeat Memo Dial Stored Hookflash Speed Dial – System/Group/Station Synchronous Ringing Synchronous Ringing System Data Up/Down Load PC Programming T1 Connection T1 Trunking (with ANI/DNIS Compatibility) Tandem Switching of 4-Wire E&M Tie Lines Multiple Trunk Types Tenant Service Night Service Three-Minute Reminder Warning Tone For Long Conversation Tone Override Tone Override Trunk Queuing Trunk Queuing/Camp On