Cordless Handset II Repeater

ESI  Cordless Handset II Repeater The  optional  ESI  Cordless Handset  II  Repeater  extends the  coverage  area  of  the ESI  Cordless  Handset  II  in all  directions,  including up and down. If  Repeaters  are installed  so their  coverage  area  overlaps  that  of  the base  station,  the base  station  can  hand off  calls to  the  Repeaters  as the  user  moves from  one  coverage  area to  another.  When it’s  connected to  a Repeater,  the ESI  Cordless  Handset  II  operates  exactly  as  it  does  when  connected to  its base  station,  and the  handoff  from  the base  station to  the  Repeater  occurs  seamlessly  without  disturbing the  end  user,  even during an active  call. Each ESI  Cordless Handset  II  base  station supports  up  to  six  repeaters,  regardless  of  configuration. •  Each  Repeater  supports  up  to  two  direct  connections  to  other  Repeaters. •  No  Repeater  can  be  more  than  three  connections  —  or  hops  —  from  the base  station. All  Repeaters,  regardless  of  configuration,  must  be registered  to  the base  station. Repeaters  that  are registered  directly  to  a  base station  (left),  do  not  require  use  of  the optional Repeater  Configurator  Kit. These  Repeaters can be  installed  using automatic configuration. However,  Repeaters registered to  the base station  through  another  Repeater  (one example shown,  right)  do  require use of  the Repeater  Configurator  Kit.