Forced UTRF

Forced UTRF) Use this option to enable or disable Automated Attendant Forced Unscreened Transfer for the Subscriber Mailbox. If enabled, each Screened Transfer (TRF) to the extension is converted to an Unscreened Transfer (UTRF). If disabled, Screened Transfers from the Automated Attendant occur normally. 0 11 Program 47 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 Auto Time Stamp 0 = No (Disabled) 1 = Yes (Enabled) System Administrator 0 = No (Disabled) 1 = Yes (Enabled) Dialing Option Next Call Routing Mailbox 0 = No (Disabled) 1 = Yes (Enabled) Call Routing Mailbox Number (1 ~ 3 digits, 00 ~ 32) (00 = Undefined) No entry (Entered by pressing CLEAR) Directory List Number 0 = None 1 ~ 8 = List Number * = All Voice Prompt Language Enable Paging Paging Option Telephone User Interface Type Enable E-mail Notification E-mail Address Include Message as Attachment All Message Notification Enabled Refer to  Table 2-9 47-02-16 Default Table on page 2-407. 0 = No (Disabled) 1 = Yes (Enabled) 0 = RNA 1 = Immediately 0 = Numeric 1 = Mnemonic 0 = No 1 = Yes Up to 48 characters 0 = No 1 = Yes 0 = No 1 = Yes Use this option to enable or disable Auto Time Stamp for the Subscriber Mailbox. If enabled, after the subscriber listens to a message InMail announces the time and date the message was left. Auto Time Stamp also announces the message sender (if known). A subscriber can also enable Auto Time Stamp from their mailbox. Use this option to designate the Subscriber Mailbox as a System Administrator. This allows the subscriber to use the  SA  options after logging onto their mailbox. Dialing Option provides additional dialing options for Next Call Routing Mailbox calls (see Next Call Routing Mailbox below). If enabled, a caller who accesses the Subscriber Mailbox to leave a message can dial any of the options in the Next Call Routing Mailbox Dial Action Table. If disabled, the caller can dial only 0 (to use the Next Call Routing Mailbox 0 action). (Next CR Mbox) Use this option to assign a Next Call Routing Mailbox to the Subscriber Mailbox. This provides callers with additional dialing options while listening to a Subscriber Mailbox recorded or default greeting. The digits the caller can dial depend on the setting of the Next Call Routing Mailbox and Alternate Next Call Routing Mailbo