Installing the System  Administration Application

The System  Administration  application is  installed on  a PC  that is connected to the LAN. Only  a user  on that PC can install  the System  Administration  application.   The System  Administration  application  will communicate  with the messaging system through its LAN port.  Installation of the MERLIN Messaging or PARTNER  Messaging System Administration application can be performed from the MERLIN  Messaging System  Release 4.0 Library CD or the PARTNER Messaging System Release 7.0 Library CD. Depending  on your  system,  you  select  “PARTNER  Messaging  System Administration” or  “MERLIN Messaging System Administration” under “Install Software” from the main  window of the  Library CD. This  will  automatically launch an installation wizard. Follow the  instructions  in the installation wizard  to install the System Administration  application.