IP Office system Components
The following are the typical components of an IP Office system based on an IP500v2 control unit.

· IP Office IP500v2 System Unit 199
The control unit holds the main configuration and performs the routing and switching for telephone calls and data traffic. Each control unit includes 4 slots for optional base cards to support trunk and phone extension ports.
· Avaya SD Card 42
This uniquely numbered dongle is used to validate license keys entered into the system's configuration to enable features. A dongle is mandatory for correct system operation even if no licensed features are being used. IP500v2 control units use an Avaya SD card which is slotted into the rear of the control unit. This card also provides embedded voicemail support and storage for system software files.

· IP500 Base Cards 19
The IP500v2 control unit has slots for up to 4 IP500 base cards. These can be used to add ports for analog extensions, digital extensions, voice compression channels and other resources.
· IP500 Digital Station Base Card 212 · IP500 Analog Phone Base Card 209 · IP500 VCM Base Card 216
· IP500 Legacy Card Carrier 214
· IP500 4-Port Expansion Base Card 208 · IP500 TCM8 Base Card 215 · IP500 ETR6 Base Card 213

· IP500 Trunk Daughter Cards 22
Many of the IP500 base cards can be fitted with an IP500 daughter card in order to support various types of trunk connections.
· IP500 Analog Trunk Card 220 · IP500 BRI Trunk Card 221 · IP500 PRI Trunk Card 222

· IP500 Combination Cards 19
These card are pre-paired base and daughter cards. They provide 6 digital station ports, 2 analog phone ports, 10 voice compression channels and either 4 analog trunk ports or 4 BRI channels (2 ports). The trunk daughter card cannot be removed or replaced with another type.

· IP400 Cards 24
The IP500 Legacy Carrier base card can be used to allow IP400 trunk cards and IP400 VCM cards to be added to the IP500 control unit.
VK00nDd15SDvXoxkw9cR9x_jOXr_AWz9 · License Keys 396
Various IP Office features and applications require a license key to be entered into the system's configuration. Each key is a 32- character text string unique to the feature being activated and the serial number of the Feature Key dongle installed in the system.

· IP500 External Expansion Modules 26
Additional ports can be added using a number of IP500 external expansion modules. Support also includes IP400 external
expansion modules . 31
· Systems running in IP Office Essential Edition - PARTNER® Version, IP Office Essential Edition - Norstar Version or IP Office Essential Edition - Quick Version mode support up to 8 external expansion modules so long as the system extensions limit is not exceeded.
· Systems running in IP Office Standard Version mode support 8 external expansion modules or 12 if the control unit is fitted with an IP500 4-Port Expansion Base Card.

· Power Supplies 33
The IP500 control unit has an internal power supply unit. Each external expansion module is supplied with an external power supply unit. Additional power supply units may also be required for IP phones and some phone add-ons.
· Power Cords 34
Depending on the locale, different power cords need to be ordered for each control unit, external expansion module and any phones or devices using external power supply units.
· Cables 36
The IP Office is designed primarily for connection to a structured cabling system using CAT3 UTP cabling. This approach allows telephone and data traffic to share the same wiring infrastructure and simplifies equipment moves.

· Mounting Kits 40
The control unit can be used free-standing, with external expansion modules stacked above it. With optional rack mounting kits, the control unit and external expansion modules can also be rack mounted. Alternatively with an optional wall mounting kit the IP500 control unit can be wall mounted. IP500 external expansion modules can also be wall mounted.
· Surge Protectors and Barrier Boxes 39
Where the installation includes extensions in other buildings additional protective equipment is required. This equipment may also be required in areas where the lightning risk is high.

· Phones 43
IP Office systems support a variety of Avaya digital and IP phones plus analog phones.
· Application DVDs
The IP Office applications can be ordered on a number of DVDs. In addition they can be downloaded from the IP Office section of the Avaya support web site (http://support.avaya.com).

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