KX-TA624 is a sophisticated and powerful system which fulfills your expectations of an office communications system. Some of the special features are listed below.
s Automatic Callback Busy (Camp-On) informs you when the selected outside (CO) line or the called party becomes idle.
s Call Log, Incoming (— Option) allows you to confirm the incoming outside call information on the display. You can also call back the caller by selecting one of the logged numbers. This feature is available only for the KX-T7030,KX-T7130 and KX-T7135.
s Conference, Unattended allows you to leave a conference and let the other two parties continue a conversation when you are in a conference with two outside parties. You can also return to the conference.
s Data Line Security prohibits various tones,such as a call waiting tone or hold recall tone, from sounding at an extension in the data communication mode. It also blocks overriding by other extensions, such as Executive Busy Override.
s Direct Inward System Access (DISA) allows external callers to call extensions in the system. If an optional card is installed,an outgoing message will greet the caller and give information about how to access an extension.
s Doorphone and Door Opener (— Option) enables a conversation between you and a visitor at the door. You can also unlock the door for a few seconds from your phone.
s Executive Busy Override allows you to enter into an existing conversation at an extension/outside (CO) line.
s Message Waiting allows you to leave a message notice for another extension. The message waiting lamp (MESSAGE indicator) gives visual indication that a message has been received.
s Paralleled Telephone Connection allows you to connect your PT in parallel with a single line telephone. Each telephone can have the same extension number so that you can use either telephone.
s Voice Mail Integration (— Option) has been upgraded to “APT Integration”. In addition to standard services (Custom Service, Automated Attendant Service,Voice Mail Service, Interview Service) for outside callers, proprietary telephone users can take advantage of: x Live Call Screening — you can monitor incoming calls like you would with a
telephone answering machine. Take the call or let the caller leave a message. xTwo-Way Recording — you can record conversations into your mailbox or someone
else’s mailbox.
xVoice Mail Transfer — you can easily transfer a caller to a mailbox.

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