PRI Primary Rate Interface ISDN subscriber interface. PRI has 23 bearer B-channels at 64 Kbps per second and a D-channel at 64 Kbps per second. The bearer B-channels are provided for PCM voice, video conferencing, group 4 facsimile machines, and other similar types of transmissions. The data D-channel used to bring in information about incoming calls and take out information about outgoing calls. PRI can also be used to access slow-speed data networks such as videotex and packet switched networks. PRI has two standards: U Interface for 2-wire T Interface for 4-wire SLIP Serial Line Internet Protocol An Internet protocol is used to run IP over serial lines such as telephone circuits. IP is the Internet Protocol; the most important of all protocols on which the Internet is based. This protocol allows a packet to traverse multiple networks before it reaches its final destination. SMDR Station Message Detail Recording A feature that collects and records information on outgoing calls by station. SPID Service Profile Identifier IDSN service is ordered with certain parameters. The SPID is an 8- to 12-digit number that uniquely identifies the service ordered. The phone company assigns an SPID for every phone number. Each ISDN BRI line usually has two phone numbers. The SPID is a label identifier that points to a particular location on the telephone company central office memory that stores the details of the ISDN services ordered. This number is necessary for the operation of the ISDN phone, fax, or PC software. Without this number, ISDN services cannot be accessed. VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol The ability to carry normal telephone-style voice over an IP-based internet with POTS-like functionality, reliability, and voice quality. The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) connects to the LAN IP network through a VoIP gateway. Digitized speech is transported through IP packets and can include real-time conversation or voice mail. The IP network can be public/private, and voice transport can be telephone-to-telephone, computer-to-telephone.
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