AVAYA Partner station features.
Extension Name Display
You can assign a name to an extension: up to 20 characters long on PARTNER telephones or up to 12 characters long on MLS telephones. Then, when that extension is used to make an intercom, group, or transferred call, the name appears on the system display telephone receiving the call. Similarly, users receiving a transfer return call see the name of the person assigned to the extension that did not answer the transferred call. The following table shows the valid character entries for Extension Name
Line Ringing
This feature determines how each outside line or pool assigned to an extension rings. You can specify Immediate Ring, Delayed Ring (telephone rings after a 20-second delay), or No Ring.
Delayed Ring is useful for backup coverage on shared lines or pools, such as for secretaries who cover each other’s lines. No Ring is useful for all extensions except 10 when an operator answers all calls, or for telephones with no regular users, such as those in conference rooms.For AVAYA, NORSTAR, NEC, SAMSUNG, MITEL, PANASONIC, TOSHIBA telephone systems and voicemail call (866)206-2316 or email MasterTelephone@gmail.com