Every PARTNER and MLS system telephone (except the MLS-6 telephone) has a speaker and a microphone, which you can turn on by pressing S. In addition, you can turn just the microphone on and off by pressing!. When the green light next to! is on, the microphone is on. If you prefer to dial and conduct calls without lifting the handset, you can use the speaker and the microphone instead. Use these techniques to make calls with the speaker and the microphone: ■To make a call without lifting the handset, press S to get a dial tone, then dial the number (you hear the call ringing). When the other party answers, you can talk without lifting the handset. ■If you are already on a call, you can switch from the handset to the speaker and microphone by pressing S and hanging up the handset. Conversely, if you are using the speaker and microphone and want to switch to the handset, lift the handset (the speaker and microphone turn off). ■To turn off the microphone when you are using the speaker, press!. This will mute your voice so the other party cannot hear you. Hands-Free Answer on Intercom (HFAI) 6 When you receive a voice-signaled intercom call, your telephone beeps once to indicate that your speaker has been turned on automatically, and you hear the caller’s voice over your telephone’s speaker. If you leave your microphone on all the time, you can start talking when you hear the caller, without lifting the handset. This feature is called Hands-Free Answer on Intercom. Any user in the system can make a voice-signaled call to an idle system telephone by pressing i* and then either dialing an extension number or pressing an Auto Dial button programmed for voice signaling. (You can make a voice-signaled call from either a system telephone or a single-line telephone. However, if you try to make a voice-signaled call to a singleline telephone or an MLC-6 or TransTalk 9000-series telephone, it rings instead.) You cannot make a voice-signaled call to an extension that has the Cell Phone Connect feature active. (The call will not appear at the extension
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