Door Box
The Door Box is a self-contained Intercom unit typically used to monitor an entrance door. A visitor at the door can press the Door Box call button (like a door bell). The Door Box then sends chime tones to all extensions programmed to receive chimes. To answer the chime, the called extension user just lifts the handset. This lets the extension user talk to the visitor at the Door Box. The Door Box is convenient to have at a delivery entrance, for example. It is not necessary to have company personnel monitor the delivery entrance; they answer the Door Box chimes instead. Any number of system extensions can receive Door Box chime tones.
Each Door Box has a pair of normally open relay contacts that can connect to an electric door strike. Use these contacts to remotely control the entrance door. After answering the Door Box chimes, a Multiline Terminal user can press Flash key to activate the Door Box contacts. This in turn releases the electric strike on the entrance door. The device connected to the Door Box contacts cannot exceed the contact ratings shown in the following table:
Door Box Specifications Maximum Output400 mV RMS Output Impedance600 Ohms
The system can have up to 6 Door Boxes. Six chime tones are available.
•The Door Box Feature Requires an unused analog extension port (084M-B1: ST3-ST4 fixed) on the each KSU.
•To use Door Box PRG 10-03-05 (SLI PKG): 1 : Doorphone needs to be set.
•Door Boxes can ring Multiline, Single Line, and wireless telephones.
•A Door Box cannot ring a virtual extension.
•External Call forward by Doorphone can forward Doorphone calls Off-Premise while a user is away. This feature only works for ISDN lines.
•Off-hook signaling is available for Door Boxes. If an extension user is on the telephone, the Large LED flashes indicating the Door Box ringing, and the display shows a call from the door box.
•The door strike cannot be activated when a door box is forwarded off-prem

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