PROBLEM PROBABLE CAUSE SOLUTION • When using the speakerphone on an APT, nothing is audible. • The HANDSET/ HEADSET selector is set to the "HEADSET" position. • When the headset is not used, set the HANDSET/HEADSET selector to the "HANDSET" position. • When using the speakerphone/monitor mode with a DPT, nothing is audible. • The "HEADSET" mode is selected by Personal Programming, "Handset/Headset Selection". • When the headset is not used, select the "HANDSET" mode by Personal Programming. • The PT does not ring. • The ringer volume is off. • Turn on the ringer volume. • During a power failure, extensions connected to ports 1 and 2 of super hybrid ports do not operate. • A DPT or APT is connected to the extension port. • The dialing mode (tone or pulse) is incorrect. • Disconnect the DPT or APT and connect an SLT. • Set the Tone/Pulse switch to the other position. • Originating an outside call, call transfer, or conference cannot be performed. • The corresponding CO button does not exist on the PT. • Program the CO button. Refer to "6.1.3 Flexible Buttons

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