Hot Desk

Hot Desk
A DKT may be assigned as Hot Desk phone allowing users (Agents) to login with the ipLDK-60. When an Agent logs in, the Hot Desk will become active and will take on the attributes defined for the Agent’s station number. When the Agent logs off, the Hot Desk station becomes inactive and the Agent’s calls are forward to the user-entered destination. A different Agent may then login through the inactive Hot Desk station.
To login at a Hot Desk,
1. Lift the handset or press the On/Off button.
2. Dial the Agent’s authorization code followed by ‘#’.
3. The Hot Desk becomes active with the Agent’s station configuration (station number, COS, ring assign, etc.) and receives incoming calls.
To logout a User,
1. Press the [TRANS/PGM]
2. Dial ‘*’ ‘*’, or press the programmed Agent Logout button.
3. Use the Up/Down buttons to select a Call Forward type.  Station
 Off-net speed
 Mobile extension  VMIB Voice Mail  VM group
4. Press the [HOLD/SAVE] button, the system saves the Agent’s station configuration and the Hot Desk returns to inactive.