IP (SIP) trunks are required

A minimum of four IP (SIP) trunks are required due to the NEC KTS infrastructure setup.
NEC recommends that the requirements and programming are completed with as much information as possible before scheduling an activation appointment with 123.Net.
1.5 Conditions
The following limitations apply:
 Some private IP network ranges conflict with SIP Trunking Service providers. This can cause issues when connecting to the SIP Trunking service. Private ranges reserved for the customer’s LAN are:
192.168.0.x through 192.168.10.x
 G.711 pass-through is supported for faxing. T.38 is not supported.
 All SIP packets sent to the 123.net SIP server must originate from the public IP address 123.net assigned for your SIP trunks. NAT is not supported.
 Specific traffic from 123.net that will need to be allowed to reach the SL1100: