Hotel/Motel - Toll Restriction (When Checked In)

Hotel/Motel - Toll Restriction (When
Checked In)
With Toll Restriction (When Checked In), you can control guest's long distance dialing automatically when they check in. This option allows you to set up two completely different Toll Restriction modes. The first mode determines the type of call your staff can place from a room telephone when the room is checked out (Service Code 639). This is the business mode Toll Restriction. The second mode sets the Toll Restriction limits for your guests as soon as you check them in (Service Code 638). This is the hotel mode Toll Restriction.
In the checked out mode, for example, you may want to allow your staff to call locally and within your area code. This would allow them to contact suppliers and other service providers without going to the front desk each time. In the checked in mode, however, you may want to completely restrict outgoing calls and force your guests to use your metered services. (This can also tie into Single Digit Dialing on page 1-407.)
In many cases, such simplified Toll Restriction scenarios may be adequate. However, since each mode uses the full abilities of the system Toll Restriction programming, you can make the calling restriction as elaborate as it needs to be.
Toll Restriction (When Checked In) also allows you to change the Toll Restriction of a room telephone while the room is checked in. This allows you to provide more permissive Toll Restriction to high priority guests. It also allows you to enforce less permissive dialing privileges to guests if you suspect the potential for abuse.
If a room Toll Restriction is changed using access code 637, that room keeps the new setting until it is either changed using access code 637 or in system programming.
The following diagram shows the basic operation of Toll Restriction (When Checked In). When checked in, the room telephone follows the Check In Toll Restriction Level (set in PRG 42-02-02). When checked out, the room telephone follows the normal Toll Restriction Level (set in PRG 21-04-01). Both levels interact with the dialing restrictions set up