Automatic Route Selection

Automatic Route Selection (ARS/F-Route) provides call routing and call restriction based on the digits a user dials. ARS gives the system the most cost-effective use of the connected long distance carriers.
ARS is an on-line call routing program that you can customize (like other system options) from a display telephone. ARS accommodates 400 call routing choices - without a custom-ordered rate structure database. With ARS, you can modify the system routing choices quickly and easily. This is often necessary in the telecommunications world of today where the cost structure and service choices frequently change.
The ARS feature can add or delete digits and route calls according to pre-determined levels. ARS Feature Summary ARS provides: Call Routing
ARS can apply up to 36-digit analysis to every number dialed. For programming, ARS provides separate 8-digit and 36-digit tables. Each table can have up to 250 numbers.
• Dialing Translation (Special Dialing Instructions)
ARS can automatically execute stored dialing instructions (called Dial Treatments) when it chooses a route for a call. The system allows up to 15 Dial Treatments. The Dial Treatments can:
- Insert or delete an area code (NPA)
- Add digits (such as a dial-up OCC number), pauses and waits to the dialing sequence
- Require the user to enter an authorization code when placing a call (refer to PRG 44-03)
• Time of Day Selection
For routing purposes, ARS provides 10 different day selections (called Time Schedule Patterns). Each Time Schedule Pattern can provide up to 20 time intervals which are assigned to one of the eight day/night modes. The Time Schedule Patterns are then assigned to a day of the week (Monday~Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Holiday).
• Hierarchical Class of Service Control
ARS allows or denies call route choices based on an extension ARS Class of Service. This allows lower Classes of Service (e.g., 1) to access routes unavailable to higher Classes of Service (e.g.,
16). The system provides up to 16 (0=unrestricted, 1~16) ARS Classes of Service.
• Separate Routing for Selected Call Types
To provide unique control, you can program separate routing instructions for:
- Directory assistance calls
- Emergency calls
Basic ARS Operation
When a user places an outside call, ARS analyzes the digits dialed and assigns one of 400 Selection Numbers to the call. The Selection Number chosen depends on which digits the user dialed. ARS then checks the time of day, the day of week and the extension ARS Class of Service. Based on these call routing options, ARS selects a trunk group for the call and imposes the Dial Treatment instructions (if any).