Working with ISDN

Working with ISDN
Planning your ISDN network
Consult ISDN hardware on page 64 and ISDN programming on page 76 to determine a configuration of ISDN trunks and terminal equipment (TE) for the Modular ICS, then order the appropriate ISDN capability package from your ISDN service provider.
For ISDN BRI service, your service provider supplies service profile identifiers (SPIDs), network directory numbers (Network DNs), terminal endpoint identifiers (TEIs), and other information, as required, to program your Modular ICS, TE, and other ISDN equipment.
Modular ICS does not support any package with EKTS (Electronic Key Telephone System) or CACH (Call Appearance Call Handling). EKTS is a package of features provided by the service provider and may include features such as Call Forwarding, Link, Three-Way Calling, and Calling Party Identification.
Ordering ISDN PRI
When you order ISDN PRI, order two-way DID because it simplifies provisioning and provides efficient use of the PRI bandwidth.
Ordering ISDN PRI service in Canada
In Canada, order Megalink™ service, the trade name for standard PRI service and set the Norstar equipment to the supported protocol that is identified by your service provider, either DMS-100 or NI-2.