Programming ISDN BRI resources

Programming ISDN BRI resources
Some steps will not be necessary depending on the service you are providing.
More detailed information is included under the individual headings and settings in the Programming and Maintenance sections.
For complete card and cartridge installation instructions and safety precautions, see Installation on page 227.
1. Collect the information supplied by your service provider to support your ISDN package. This includes network service profile identifiers (SPIDs) and Network DNs. If you are supporting a point-of-sale terminal adapter, you also need one or more terminal endpoint identifiers (TEIs).
2. Make sure a Combination Fiber 6-port Services Cartridge, or a Services Cartridge has been installed in the ICS.
3. Install the BRI card in the ICS, Trunk Module. Refer to Installing the cartridges on page 231 for information about BRI card placement. If you are not using a BRI card, determine which type of card you will preprogram the ICS to use in each slot.