Abbreviated Dialing (AD

The Abbreviated Dialing (AD) feature allows you to store selected telephone
numbers for quick and easy dialing. Each number can be a complete or
partial telephone number, an extension number, or a trunk or feature access
code and can contain up to 24 digits. Abbreviated Dialing offers four possible
types of lists—Personal, Group, System, and Enhanced, and you can have a
total of three lists. (Of these three lists, you can have only one System List
and one Enhanced List.) You program numbers on a Personal List; numbers
on Group Lists are programmable by the controller of the list; System Lists
and Enhanced Lists are programmable only by the system manager.
To place a call using an AD list button or feature access code
1. Press and then the appropriate dial pad key on which a list
access code is administered,
or Dial the appropriate AD List code for List 1, or List 2, or List 3.
2. When you hear dial tone, dial the desired list item (1, 2, 3...).
Note: An Enhanced List may also be available; see your system
You can also program a number on an AD button that is not stored on an AD
list. This Automatic Dialing number can be up to 16 digits.
To program a number on an AD button
Note: The system manager must program a feature button as an AD
button before you can program a number onto it.
1. While off-hook, press and then the dial pad key assigned to the
AD Program feature,
or While off-hook, dial the Program access code.
You will hear dial tone.
2. Press and then the dial pad key you wish to program.
For example, to store a number in AD entry F3, press and then
3. Dial the outside number, extension, or feature access code you want to
store (up to 24 digits).
4. Press # to save the entry.
You will hear confirmation tone and then dial tone.
5. Repeat Steps 2 through 4 to program additional buttons.
6. Hang up to end programming.
Abbreviated Dialing/Automatic Dialing (AD)