incoming digits

The Norstar system did not receive some or all of the incoming digits. Solution 1. Check that the system hardware is receiving signals properly. 2. Verify  that  the switch is  sending the correct number of digits for the Received number length defined in your system. 3. If the switch at the far end is sending pulse signals, make sure they are being sent at the proper rate. Pulse digits must be 300 ms or more apart for Norstar to receive them. Possible problem If remote callers are having difficulty getting through from the public network, there may be  a problem with your DID Trunk Cartridge. Solution 1. Connect a single-line DTMF telephone to a DID trunk input on the DID Trunk Cartridge. 2. Use the single-line telephone  to enter a Received number that has been programmed for a  target line in your system. Listen for ringback.