Major New Features in Version 1.2 of HiPath 3000
Important Notices
G281-0788-00, April 2002
1-14 HiPath 3000 V1.2-3.0, System Description
New Options
In connection with the control boards, the following new optional boards are available.
CMS (Clock Module Standard)
The CMS module replaces the old CGMC clock generator. The
CMS must be used in the following situations:
● Clock generator for the master system in the network
● Clock generator for HiPath cordless during operation with the
SLC16 board
● Clock generator for a single-cell cordless solution (2-channel
mode) with BS3/S base station
CMA (Clock Module ADPCM)
The CMA module is implemented exclusively in the HiPath 3550,
HiPath 3350, HiPath 3500 and HiPath 3300 systems. The module
is required as a clock generator for HiPath cordless (4-channel
mode) with the BS3/1 base station when the new control boards
are connected directly to the UP0/E ports.
LIM (LAN Interface Module)
The LIM module enables you to integrate all HiPath 3000 models
into TCP/IP-based LANs economically for
● central system administration (TCP)
● call detail recording (CDRC)
● APS transfer or
● fault management.
A 10BaseT interface (10 Mbit) with an RJ45 jack is available for
connecting to the LAN.
IMODC (Integrated analog modem)
The format of the printed-circuit board on the integrated analog
modem for remote maintenance (remote access via analog
trunks) is new. The module is plugged into the appropriate slots
on the control boards (this is not possible in HiPath 3250 or Hi-
Path 3150).
MPPI (optional music on hold from Beyertone)
The plug-in MPPI module can be used universally in all HiPath
3000 models making an economical solution available for an al-
ternative music on hold.