allow extensions to Transfer

Use this option to prevent or allow extensions to Transfer calls to busy extensions. If disabled, calls transferred to busy extensions recall immediately. Use this option to enable or disable MOH on Transfer. If enabled (0), a transferred caller hears MOH while their call rings the destination extension. If disabled (1), a transferred caller hears ringback while their call rings the destination extension. Default 1 Related Program 1 (V1.5 Changed) 03 04 05 07 08 Delayed Call Forwarding Time Transfer Recall Time Message Wait Ring Interval Time Trunk-to-Trunk Transfer Release Warning Tone Delayed Transfer Time for all Department Groups 0 ~ 64800 seconds 0 ~ 64800 seconds 0 ~ 64800 seconds 0 ~ 64800 seconds 0 ~ 64800 seconds If activated at an extension, Delayed Call Forwarding occurs after this time. This also sets how long a Transferred call waits at an extension forwarded to Voice Mail before routing to the called extension mailbox. An unanswered transferred call recalls to the extension that initially transferred it after this time. For Single Line Telephones (SLTs) without message waiting lamps, this is the time between intermittent ringing. If this value is set to 0, the system rings once. Time starts when a trunk begins talking with another trunk (for example : trunk-to-trunk transfer, outgoing from trunk, Tandem Trunking). When this time expires, a warning tone is heard. If Program 24-02-10 is set, the conversation disconnects after time expires. This time is set again when the external digit timer expires. One of the trunks used must be an analog trunk (or leased line).