Deny Restriction

Deny Restriction Table This option lets you program the Restrict Code Tables. If the system has Toll Restriction enabled, users cannot dial numbers listed in these tables. There are four Restrict Code Tables, with up to 60 entries in each table. The system restricts calls exactly as you enter the code. PBX Access Code Use this option to enter the PBX Access Code. When the system is behind a PBX, this is the code users dial to access a PBX trunk. Toll Restriction begins after the PBX access code. For PBX trunks (Program 14-04) the system only Toll Restricts calls that contain the access code. Always program this option when the system is behind a PBX, even if you don’t want to use Toll Restriction. PBX Access Codes can have up to two digits, using 0-9, #, *  and LINE KEY 1 (don’t care). When using Account Codes, do not use an asterisk in a PBX access code. Otherwise, after the Tables 1 ~ 4 = No Setting [caption: table] 1 ~ 4 (table) 1 ~ 60 (Entry) [caption: table] 1 ~ 4 Dial (Up to 12 digits) Dial (Up to two digits) Tables 1 ~ 4 = No Setting *, the trunk stops sending digits to the central office. Entries 1~4 correspond to the 4 PBX Access Codes. Each code can have up to two digits.