VRS/DISA One-Digit Code Attendant Setup

VRS/DISA One-Digit Code Attendant Setup  to set up single digit dialing through the VRS. This gives VRS callers single key access to extensions, the company operator, Department Calling Groups and Voice Mail. For each VRS message set to answer outside calls (refer to Programs 25-04 and 25-05), you specify: • The digit the VRS caller dials (0 ~ 9, *, #). Keep in mind that if you assign destinations to digits, outside callers cannot dial system extensions. • The destination reached (Maximum eight digits  ) when the caller dials the specified digit. The destination can be an extension, a Department Calling pilot number or the Voice Mail master number. A one-digit code can be assigned for each Automated Attendant message. Example: Message Number = 01, Destination = 2, Next Message Number = 0, Dial = 399 In this example, when 2 is dialed by an outside caller, the system transfers the call to 399. This means that extension 200~299 cannot receive calls from VRS/DISA users during/after VRS