ACD department programming

ACD department  programming ACD departments can be programmed  to  route calls based on several  optional  parameters.  Each  ACD station can  be  logged  onto  as  many as  two  ACD departments  at  the same  time.  Also,  each  ACD station  can be a  member  of  up  to  20  ACD departments  (i.e.,  up  to  20  log-on  keys may be  assigned  to  each  ACD  station.) Each  ACD agent  must  have  a Digital  Feature  Phone1, IP  Feature  Phone  II,  Digital Cordless  Handset, or VIP Softphone.  Agent log-on  keys  will  be  automatically  assigned  to  the  lower left  programmable  feature keys  for  the  stations listed in  ACD departments (with wrap  keys  automatically  assigned  above them;  see “Feature  keys,”  page  G.37).  Note:  Line keys  can’t  be used  to  answer  calls  ringing  Attend departments  set  in the live-ring list  (in Functions  211,  2121,  and 2131). ACD overflow Incoming calls  that  are holding  (queued)  for  an  available  agent  can be  automatically  forwarded  to  a new destination  if  ACD  overflow  is  assigned.  ACD  overflow  can be  initiated by  exceeding  a  maximum  number  of queued  calls  or  by  an individual  exit  timer  set  for  each  ACD department.  If  ACD overflow  parameters aren’t assigned,  the  default action  will be  to  overflow  calls  based  on  the  system  default  ACD  exit timer  only.   ACD overflow  parameters  are: •  Queue  exit  threshold  —  If  the number  of  calls  in  queue  matches a  predetermined queue exit threshold,  all  subsequent calls  to  that  ACD  department  will  immediately  follow  that  department’s   call-forward  destination. •  ACD exit  timer  —  When  a call  has been  held in  queue for  a  predetermined  duration  specified for  that ACD department, the  call will follow  the  department  call-forward  destination.  If the  department’s  ACD exit  timer  isn’t assigned,  the  system-wide  default  (for  the  current  operation)  will be  used. ACD agent  priority ACD  agents  who  are simultaneously  logged into  two  departments  can  have  calls  to  one department  take precedence  over  the  other  department’s  calls.  When  the  ACD station  is  assigned to  each  ACD department,  the “baseline”  priority  is  set  for  calls that  are directed to  that  station from  that  department. ACD call  escalation  (priority  override) An incoming  call  that  has  been  in  an  ACD department  queue the longest  can  be  forced  to  ring  at  the  next available agent,  regardless  of  the priority  setting  of  that  agent’s  station  department  log-in.  A timer  that’s  set  in  ACD department  programming (see  page  G.27)  triggers  this  ACD escalation.