memory module

Memory Module installation or replacement
Note: The Memory Module has a proprietary formatting scheme — do not attempt to install a non-ESI drive.
Contact ESI for a replacement Memory Module, if needed.
Adding or replacing the Memory Module will require that the ESI-100 be taken out of service.
All of the ESI-100’s configuration data and customer recordings are stored in the Memory Module.
Replacing it, therefore, requires re-programming and re-recording, unless you have previously performed a backup
using ESI System Programmer software. (Prompts stay intact, however.)
Note: Be sure to observe all proper procedures regarding the prevention of electrostatic discharge (ESD) when
performing the following procedures; otherwise, circuit boards may suffer damage.
Install the CompactFlash Memory Module
1. Open the lid of the cabinet (you must remove
the screw on the top that secures the lid).
2. Power down the system.
3. Plug the Memory Module into the J14 connector
on the main board (see diagram, right).
4. Secure the lid to the KSU