system numbering

System Numbering  to set the system numbering plan. The numbering plan assigns the first and second digits dialed and affects the digits an extension user must dial to access other extensions and features, such as service codes and trunk codes. If the default numbering plan does not meet the site requirements, use this program to tailor the system numbering to the site. Caution! Improperly programming this option can adversely affect system operation. Make sure you thoroughly understand the default numbering plan before proceeding. If you must change the standard numbering, use the chart for Table 2-1 System Numbering Default Settings on page  2-57  to keep careful and accurate records of your changes. Before changing your numbering plan, use PC Pro to make a backup copy of your system data. Changing the numbering plan consists of three steps: Step 1 : Enter the digit (s) you want to change You can make either single or two digit entries. In the Dialed Number column in the  Table 2-1 System Numbering Default Settings on page  2-57, the nX rows (e.g., 1X) are for single digit codes. The remaining rows (e.g., 11, 12, etc.) are for two digit codes. • Entering a single digit affects all the Dialed Number entries beginning with that digit. For example, entering 6 affects all number plan entries beginning with 6. The entries you make in step 2 and step 3 below affect the entire range of numbers beginning with 6. (For example, if you enter 3 in step 2 the entries affected are 600 ~ 699. If you enter 4 in step 2 below, the entries affected are 6000 ~ 6999.) • Entering two digits lets you define codes based on the first two digits a user dials. For example, entering 60 allows you to define the function of all codes beginning with 60. In the default program, only *  and # use 2-digit codes. All the other codes are single digit. If you enter a two digit code between 0 and 9, be sure to make separate entries for all the other two digit codes within the range as well. This is because in the default program all the two digit codes between 0 and 9 are undefined.