LED functions

LED  functions The unit's  various LEDs  are designed to  provide visual  feedback as  follows: Power LED The  Power  LED  is  located  on  the  right side  of  the  Base  Cabinet, and  is  illuminated  when  power is  being applied to  the system.  This  LED blinks  periodically to  indicate  that  the main  processor  is  operational. Port  LEDs The  Port  LEDs  are located  above their  respective  connectors  on  each  installed port  card.  Each  LED is illuminated  when  any  port on  its  associated  port card  is  in  use.  Note:  Disconnecting a  connector  when its  respective  LED  is  lit  will disconnect  any  of  its  ports  that  are in use. Upon  power-up,  approximately five minutes  are required  for  the system  to  configure.  The  Power  and  Port LEDs  will  blink three times to  indicate  that  the power-up  sequence has been  completed.  Note:  When the LED  on a DLC1  is  . .  . •    .  . . blinking, the  T1/PRI  circuit is  out  of  service. •    .  . . not  lit  at  all,  the  T1/PRI  circuit is  in  service  but  is  idle. •    .  .  .  lit  solidly,  the  T1/PRI  circuit  and/or  a  station on the  card  are  in use. ESI  Presence Management installation For information on installing ESI Presence Management, see its Installation Manu