fax machine

1. Place line  4 (743) into CO group2  (800). 2. From the Fax machine,  go  off hook  and  dial 800  (be sure you are  accessing line 4).  Then  dial  a valid number.   You must  dial out on that line /(line group)  before programming the hot line (dial 740 for line 1, 741 for  line 2, 742  for line 3 etc.…). 3. Program a  System  Speed dial bin  with  a  pause.  To  do  this,  you can  use  PCDBA or  program using the  phone. Using PCDBA Go  to the DX80  PC-DBA System  Resource SPD.   No.   Programming Tenant 1screen   in PCDBA.  Choose a system speed  dial bin (DIR#s 500-699), and insert a P  for pause in its SPD.  No.  field.