SL 1

Private networking using PRI SL-1

You can use PRI SL-1 lines to tandem a number of Norstar units into a private network. This creates a Private Network Tandem Calling (PNTC) configuration. Refer to Private Network Tandem calling on page 129.
You can also use PRI SL-1 lines to link one or more Norstar systems to a Meridian 1 system, or to create a network that includes one or more Business Communications Manager systems. This creates an Advanced Private Network (APN) where the MCDN protocol can be used to provide network control features that allow network calls to be delivered and transferred with optimum efficiency. If you also use a central voice mail system or central Auto Attendant system off the Meridian, MCDN provides system-wide Auto Attendant features and line redirection. Refer to Advanced Private