B a sic P h o n e F u n c tio n s TR A N SFER 1 Press . A CALL 2 Dial the extension number. TO AN 3 Hang up. EXTENSION TR A N SFER 1 Press . A CALL TO 2 Dial the extension number. A VOICE 3 Hang up. MAILBOX MAKE A While connected to the first party: CONFERENCE 1 Press . CALL 2 Press an idle intercom or line button. 3 Call the next party. 4 Press again. Calls are now conferenced. Repeat these steps to add up to a total of 2 outside and 2 inside connections. U SE YOU R To listen to your messages: VOICE Press . MAILBOX To have voice mail answer your calls: Press “Do Not Disturb.” JOIN A A steady I Red Light indicates a call CALL IN in progress on another extension. PR O GR ESS 1 Press the button next to the I Red Light . 2 Lift the handset or press .speaker