B a sic P h o n e F u n ctio n s MAKE To make an outside call: A CALL 1 Press , a line button or lift the handset. If required, dial the outside line code, usually . To make an inside call: 1 Press either button. 2 Lift the handset, if desired. 3 Dial the extension. ANSWER To answer an outside or inside call: A CALL Press the button for the line you wish to answer, lift the handset or press . To enable Hands-Free Answer on Intercom: Press which allows you to respond to voice-signaled (not ringing) intercom calls without having to lift the handset or press any buttons. USE Press . T H E H OLD To retrieve a call from hold, while on FEATURE the handset or speaker, press the line button next to the winking I Green Light (a call you put on hold) or the winking I Red Light (a call put on hold at another