The following provides you an overview of the Least Cost Routing (LCR) feature and step-by-step instructions to fill in the Least Cost Routing System record sheets. The quantities of LCR plans, CO line groups, etc. vary between processors. This chapter and the LCR record sheets note these differences when they exist. LCR enables the system to automatically route each outgoing voice call over common carriers and selected lines. The customer chooses these lines for the specific time of day, and for system users with varying priorities. If the system is programmed properly, LCR can select the most economical route. If the best routes are unavailable, users with priority can access more expensive outgoing routes. Several elements of LCR must be defined in programming. For LCR to function properly: o line groups must be created in Program 16; o line restrictions must be set in Programs 40 and 41; and o the area dialing plan must be assigned in Program 45-1. LCR Features Parameters Enables LCR features, including a warning tone for last choice route number, a comfort dial tone during LCR processing, and the Long Distance Information dialing plan. Home Area Code Notifies LCR software of the area code of the installation site. Special Codes Notifies LCR of special emergency and operator codes that will be automatically routed as a local call, without unnecessary delay. Long Distance Information Plan Number Notifies LCR software how to route a long distance information call. Local Call Plan Number Notifies LCR software which call routing plan is designed to handle local and special calls.