SCREEN To listen to a caller leaving a voice CALLS mail message: Press the programmed Call Screen button while the call is ringing. To screen all incoming calls: Press the programmed Call Screen button. The steady I Green Light indicates the call screening feature is activated. RECORD To record a conversation (to be stored in CALLS your voice mailbox): Press the programmed Record Call button at any time during the call. You may record conference calls, but only one of the other parties can be on an inside extension. (PVMS R5.0 and later) LOCK To prevent unauthorized calls YOUR while youre away: EXTEN SIO N 1 Press . 2 Dial a 4-digit code (0-9). 3 Redial the 4-digit code. This feature also prevents calls from being screened. To unlock your extension: 1 Press . 2 Dial the 4-digit code used to lock the extension.