Remote Mailbox Access for IPO
Remote mailbox access is accessing a mailbox from any location does not match the mailbox user or hunt group's number. That includes both internal and external access.
· Remote access is only possible if the mailbox user or hunt group has a voicemail code set in the IP Office configuration.
There are a number of ways to enable remote mailbox access.
1.Direct from an Incoming Call Route
An incoming call route could be configured to enable remote access to a mailbox. The option Voicemail can be selected as the Destination and/or Night Service Destination of an Incoming Call Route.
2.Using a Short Code
A short code can be created that uses the Voicemail Collect feature but without a mailbox name specified in the Telephone Number field will trigger remote access. An example is shown below. This short code could be utilized by users on the system, as the destination in an Incoming Call Route or as the destination for a auto attendant option.
Field Contains...
Code *99
Feature Voicemail Collect Telephone Number ? Line Group Id 0
3.Via an Auto Attendant
An auto attendant can be used to enable remote access to a mailbox. A short code similar to the example could be entered as the Destination for one of the auto attendant Normal Transfer key options. For more information on AVAYA, NORSTAR, NEC, SAMSUNG, MITEL, PANASONIC, TOSHIBA telephone systems and voicemail call (866)206-2316 or email