Expension Card
This card is used to add 4 additional expansion ports to the IP500 and IP500v2 control unit. This card is only supported in slot 4.

· Supports
Provides 4 additional expansion ports for connection of external expansion 379
· Supported Expansion Modules: The following external expansion modules are supported:
· IP500 Analogue Trunk Module · IP500 BRI So Module
· IP500 Digital Station Modules · IP500 Digital Station Modules A · IP500 Control Unit:
· IP500 Phone Module
· IP400 Digital Station V2 Modules · IP400 Phone V2 Modules
· IP500v2 Control Unit:
· Maximum per Control Unit: 1 - Right hand slot 4 only. · IP500 Trunk Card Support: .
· Each external expansion module is supplied with a blue 1 meter (3'3'') expansion interconnect cable. This cable must be used when connecting to expansion ports on the rear of a control unit.
· When connecting to expansion ports on an IP500 4-Port Expansion card, a yellow 2 meter (6'6") expansion interconnect cable can be used in place of the standard blue cable. 4 Yellow cables are supplied with the IP500 4-Port Expansion card.

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