WAN/LAN Function
OfficeServ 7400 has the interface module with WAN and LAN mounted so that the data can be transmitted/received in the external internet or the internal intranet with no additional data device.(10/100 BASE-T or 1000 BASE-TX/SX/LX interface used)
Wireless LAN Service
OfficeServ 7400 provides the wireless LAN solution for the combined services of the wired and the wireless in the office zone. It supports the handoff and the QoS by using the Combo AP(Access Point) that performs the service with the separation of the data and the voice. In addition, OfficeServ 7400 uses the wireless LAN base station to use the wired and wireless voice/data communication with no additional LAN construction. In addition, it provides the business environment where the staff can perform their efficient and prompt businesses anytime anywhere by using the portable terminal of the refined design.
Text-To Speech (TTS) Response Functions
OfficeServ 7400 provides the TTS response functions that converges the character messages(e-mail) into the voice message to be heard via the phone.
Mail Server and Instant Messaging
OfficeServ 7400 provides the e-mail server and the instant message transmission/reception function that combines the voice message and the e-mail to converge or to retransmit them for the users’ convenience.
Various Application Solutions
OfficeServ 7400 provides the various application solutions such as OfficeServ News, OfficeServ EasySet, Internet Call Center, Integrated Management of the Communication System, Voice Mail Solution of the Built-in Board type, the integrated fax server, Closely- Combined Digital Record System, eFor AVAYA, NORSTAR, NEC, SAMSUNG, MITEL, PANASONIC, TOSHIBA telephone systems and voicemail call (866)206-2316 or email MasterTelephone@gmail.com